BAAD Writing project presents various voices through writings by and of black-Asians/AmerAsians.  One of the main goals of this project is to recuperate silent narratives of mixed-race/space history situated in transnational context, and to (re) present simultaneous narrations of black-Asians/AmerAsians in various places sites. 

I envision a bilingual magazine (Japanese-English) that will be circulated in both countries as a way to establish and build transnational link for future BAAD projects.  Extending beyond my own BAAD Perspective, I would like to invite other BAAD people to create multi-lingual mags and other texts that express BAAD style of writing, which is as BAAD as it gets!

*Call for submissions will be announced for papers on different themes on BAADness. Selected works will be published online and offline in BAAD magazine (TBA).

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