Variations of the term passage as pass, passed, and passing with a metaphor of a crossroad inhere loss and gain simultaneously. I know both but I wait for something else to emerge that truly expresses the in-between state. Going back to my roots life/art brings me right here, the in-betweens of life and art. The old question is renewed in the newness of the present that begs something else to experience, experiment, and articulate the response that will never stay the same in form, but will most likely return in disguise, unexpectedly. Here I come to the many returns of that same question in disguise in the unexpected and expected life event. A lesson not from the between loss and gain, but something that births in the middle. I am waiting for the coming of pleasure and treasure of life in this time, place, and space of return-onward motion.
It is the dance of what Said calls the "contrapuntal."