I walked along the luscious greens wrapping the west side of the University of the Ryukyu.  It was the day of the typhoon #11 but it has already left the scene when I came outside around 1:15pm.  I met up with an old friend and a new friend for what supposed to be a quick lunch but turned out to be over a four-hour yuntaku (talk) time, the Okinawan style. 

We discussed various topics but one memorable subject was about, what I would define as, a theory of In between Spaces (IbS). I could not believe what I was hearing from my friend who shares my theory about IbS so similar that I thought he was talking about my theory!!  We are talking the same language in variations; it was like a well-choreographed duet, which expressed and defined same-difference equally and simultaneously. 

It was also great to have such an extensive conversation with someone whom I just met with such an ease with no extra performance needed to break an ice or to go through formality of 'getting to know each other' by asking too many questions. 

Phrases I remember: paraphrasing
"Don't try to understand it/us as same, but accept the difference as difference and leave it be. Then we can talk."
"Try not to think deeply when deep thinking about this subject has never been part of your process. Just think a little bit more and no more than that. That will do for now."

Of course, I can't possibly recreate the scene, but it is an interpretive creation of what has happened and what still lingers in between spaces of different temporal memory-trace of the event. (Power to the Okinawan People)