Crossing Lines: Praxis in Mixed Race/Space Studies

March 16-17th, UC Berkeley

Call for Proposals


In traditional Ethnic Studies, mixed race scholarship has often been marginalized, misappropriated, tokenized or simply left out. In order to allow for a collaborative environment given the need for more critical scholarship on the experiences of mixed race people, in Fall 2009, a group of graduate students at UC Berkeley formed the inter-disciplinary working group, Transnational Mixed Asians In-Between Spaces (TMABS). The goal of the working group is to to create a safe space for scholars to discuss issues of mixed race identity and also to provide a venue for those doing work in this area to present developing ideas and projects. Furthermore, the working group seeks to expand the notion of mixed race to include other factors such as culture and space. Overall, it is our intent to encourage and promote research on mixed race/culture in Ethnic Studies and bring together scholarship from multiple disciplines to collaborate on future research areas.

The co-founders of TMABS are: Kevin Escudero, Joina Hsiao, Ariko Ikehara and Julie Thi Underhill, doctoral students in the Ethnic Studies Department at UC Berkeley.

In Spring 2012, we will host our inaugural conference entitled, “Crossing Lines: Praxis in Mixed Race/Space Studies.” The conference will take place March 16-17th at the UC Berkeley campus and will include panels, film screenings, poetry performances and an art exhibit. We are currently seeking submissions that are of any of the following genres: academic papers, art work, poetry and/or film and that address the theme of emerging and future discourses in mixed race studies. For those submitting papers, abstracts should be 300 words or less and be accompanied by a short bio. Individual paper and panel proposals are to be submitted online at For artists we are asking for an image of the work (preferably .jpeg) and a short bio/description of the work and its relation to the conference theme by emailed to For filmmakers, we require a link to the work if it is posted online or a DVD mailed to the Ethnic Studies Department, UC Berkeley, Attn: TMABS, 506 Barrows #2570, Berkeley, CA 94720. All proposals need to be submitted by midnight PST on January 15th, 2012.

Extending the definition of critical mixed race studies (CMRS) put forth by the organizers of the CMRS national conference#, we define CMRS as including space theory where we identify culture and place as critical components in which to understand different formations that shape and inform the emerging critical mixed-race theory. Presenters may be faculty, scholars/researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and although we encourage submissions from all individuals who do work on this topic, we especially welcome participants who self-identify as mixed race or mixed culture. We also encourage in particular artistic submissions as we recognize that for many self-identified mixed race/culture individuals, art has been used as an alternative method to express political viewpoints, creativity, sensorial experiences and spiritual guidance. Art has functioned as a way to communicate on a different register that allows the object, performer and audience to experience life in multiplicity and we recognize that the study of mixed race/place must contend with the different ways in which the lived experience and knowledge are cultivated in the spaces in between race, culture, nation and place.

Co-Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender and Ethnic Studies Department.