The International Forum on Globalization and
Pua Mohala I Ka Po present:
[TEACH-IN] ************
MOANA NUI 2013— [Moana Nui is Polynesian for “Great Ocean”]
Peoples of the Pacific---Confronting Militarization,
Resource Theft, Globalization & America’s “Pacific Pivot”
[Berkeley, Martin Luther King Auditorium, 1781 Rose St.]

*PDF Flyer Attached!


There will be a talk at the gallery at 3pm. Some of the people who are featured in the book will be present. I will be one of them. If you are interested and have time, please come by. Ishikawa Mao's event will give you with something to think about... 


2012年8月3日 10時56分

 【平安名純代・米国特約記者】米カリフォルニア州で沖縄が抱える問題を訴える県出身の池原えり子さん が、8月5日のオスプレイ配備反対の県民大会に参加する。この種の大会に参加するのは初めて。「沖縄で生まれ育ち、アメリカで暮らす一人のウチナーンチュ として、大会で配備反対を訴える人々と共に行動ができるのはうれしい」と連帯を期待する。

 池原さんは、カリフォルニア大学バークレー校博士課程に在学しながら、講演やアートなどさまざまな手 法を通して、研究者から一般市民まで幅広い層に沖縄が抱える問題を訴えている。大学院の研究で沖縄の文化を調査するために訪沖を計画。滞在中に県民大会が 開かれると知り、「基地負担軽減を求める県民の切なる願いを肌で感じたい」と参加を決めた。



 オスプレイ配備反対の意思を県民が米国に伝える方法については「重要なのは、県民と米市民をいかにし て結びつけるかだ」と指摘。「米政府は市民の声に敏感だ。市民レベルでどう関わりを持てるか、米市民が県民に共感して県民の声を発するようになるにはどう すればよいか。米国でそうした流れをつくれれば、問題を動かす原動力になる」とアドバイスする。




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Crossing Lines: Praxis in Mixed Race/Space Studies

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Friday, December 2, 2011,

Crossing Lines: Praxis in Mixed Race/Space Studies

March 16-17th, UC Berkeley

Call for Proposals


In traditional Ethnic Studies, mixed race scholarship has often been marginalized, misappropriated, tokenized or simply left out. In order to allow for a collaborative environment given the need for more critical scholarship on the experiences of mixed race people, in Fall 2009, a group of graduate students at UC Berkeley formed the inter-disciplinary working group, Transnat...

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'The Cocktail Party', an Okinawan Play

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Monday, September 19, 2011,
Presenting at the Hawaii Okinawa Center the World Premiere of the Play by Oˉshiro Tatsuhiro
On the eve of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan, an Okinawan man struggles

Oˉshiro Tatsuhiro is Okinawa’s most acclaimed writer of fiction, drama, and works on Okinawa’s culture. Born in 1925in
Nakagusuku, he was the first Okinawan to win the Akutagawa Prize, Japan’s highest award for literary excellence. The Cocktail Party has never before been published or performed.

Presented by the Hawaii Unit...
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! W. A. R. ! (Women Art Revolution)

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Sunday, August 21, 2011,
This is a film made by my mentor/Advisor/Professor, Lynn Hershman, who taught me the art of Art/Life praxis. 
Flemm Fatal was born out at the crossing of Inter-Art/Life Performance Art Theory and Practice.
To overcome fear, she said to push it beyond its limit.  Fear was transformed to Fierce. 
I have not seen her in years and am looking forward to viewing the film, but most importantly, to reconnect in person.

An entertaining and revelatory "secret history" of Feminist Art, !Women Art Revol...

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Living Along the Fenceline (2011): Filmscreening/Discussion

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Monday, July 18, 2011,
On August 2, 2011, I will be presenting "Living Along the Fenceline" in my class at UC Berkeley.  After the screening, I will follow up with a discussion session with approximately 75 undergraduates at UCB. I will post my reflection along with general feedback from the audience.
Film: Living Along the Fenceline (2011, 80 min)
Lina Hoshino, Film Maker 
Gwyn Kirk and Deborah Lee, Film Producers (Women for Genuine Security/WGS)
Living Along the Fenceline tells the stories of 7 remarkable women ...

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NOLA, May 2011

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Tuesday, May 24, 2011,

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AAAS Conference, May 18 - 21, 2011 in NOLA

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Tuesday, May 24, 2011,
"Situating black-Amerasian Okinawans in mixed space/race history"
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HAPA Japan Conference April 8 - 9, 2011

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Monday, April 11, 2011,

 Black-Okinawa: Historical Development and Expression of Mixed Space/Race                                                  “Sensing Space, (re)Tracing Race: black-Amerasian history, memory and story”


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Blasian Multi-Media Event 2/11/11 - 2/12/11

Posted by Fusen Monogatari on Friday, December 17, 2010,

Blackness in Flux in Okinawa: Making Race In-Between Racial “States of Being”

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