A serial narrative multi-media performative work.

A little girl who found herself in a precarious position at the age of 10.

In-between two races, cultures, languages, countries. Two Faces.

Her face is not of the two, but of a third type: unknown/forsaken soul.

As if, someone has yanked her heart and threw it down deep in the bottom of an ocean agape.

As if, none expected her to swim upward and finally...., gasped for the air.   Breath!!

As if...

In the vast ocean, alone, she has to decide. Whether to sink or to fly.

But, this was already decided for her.

In her dream, of course; her spirit wraps her and kisses her shoulder. That's how she knows. Even before she was born. Inside her mom's womb. It was that soft and tender wiggle inside the vast ocean of deep warmth.

Inside her womb. Water. Floating. She moves and is moved, gentle and violent.

Sometimes the taste of salt makes her want to vomit; sometimes it wakes her up - completely.

Tears come, but never stay for long. Must wash it off, as quickly as possible, so that salty element won't burn the smooth sun kissed golden skin.

Her skin is especially bright: it sparks under the rays from the above, like a million fallen bright stars falling and falls gingerly like magic.  Chromatic star-shaped glitters falling slow motion down to her feet, lighting her lithe yet sticky body like a Christmas tree.

She smiles with innocence. Why is she smiling with so many overgrown teeth?

She is 11 years old and standing with her purple bikini swimsuit at a beach.

The ocean behind her paints the background like a backdrop of a giant canvas.

It's almost noon, but there were no one behind her and the hues of blues and greens are so overwhelming her silhouetted body blends into the blue-green. 

So, overwhelming. 

She just picked up some shells, when someone who would soon to be the recipient of the shells snapped a picture!  Flash! Kch! Kch!

In the snap, freezing the time of her smile forever into the blue-green dream-memory-scape…

(Unpublished work by Ikehara, 2006)