I sat down in front of my computer this morning as I have done almost everyone morning for the last three years, attempt at writing or editing already written thoughts about my project - black-Okinawa. I did what I usually do, write/edit/think and complete my task.  As soon as I step away from the computer and go jogging or walking, so many ideas tumbled down from everywhere, away from the computer they go 'running' wild on me.  I tried to remember what they were as I stepped back into the sitting position about an hour later. I was able to remember some but I'm sure have lost some.  This happens more than not so I should have something in my hand so that I can capture these ideas swirling/dancing around me...but I'm not sure that is what I want to do - to bring a writing tool (pen and paper) when I'm supposed to be out and about, free from that fixedness of work. I believe ideas come when one is open and relaxed. So it is good that I let the ideas 'run' and dance around me while I have no way to capture them at the moment of free flow.

I await patiently for what remains in the after thoughts.