Recently, I called out to my friends and asked 
for their assistance in dealing with Isolation.
(Below, I've copied what I sent out).
Immediately after I sent off the email,
I received responses from my friends - some
replied in minutes. One moment I was overwhelmed
by the isolation, the next moment I released it
in the hands of my friend, I found myself overcome
by their love, support and friendship.
Each passing day, I still reflect on their words.
I realized that I built a thick PHD wall around me
so much that I made it almost impossible to break
(out). Until I felt something was breaking inside.
I was disconnected from my friends for so long,
my mind/body/spirit ached. This ache then transpired
to calling out to my friends in those words below,
and soon the words I received from my friends restored
my mind/body/spirit. My friends are my family and
without their love and support, I break in isolation.
"Dear Friends (Old & New), I am writing to you because I feel isolated from
social/family/cultural/friendship space. The academic
work is getting done but the feeling of isolation is
now overwhelms me. It has been very difficult to find
that nurturing and supportive space in academia.
I'm still trying to find it, hopefully this coming
semester will bring new circle of love. I am hopeful. Knowing all of you are busy with your own lives,
I ask you a simple request to share with me how have
you dealt with isolation (if you've ever felt it before), especially if you have to deal with it as
a PhD student or not. That will help me tremendously
to remind myself that I'm not here alone. Thank you for your time and I hope what I'm feeling
is only some "retrograding" effect of the universe... Love & Friendship, always, Ariko p.s. For those of you who know me longer,
you know this was very hard for
me to do - you know, to ask for help ^.^"

*****Petals of Love (found object)*******

Below is the picture of a rose that I found last week.
Here is what I wrote on the day I found "love."

"i found a stem of red rose next to my bike on university ave.
this afternoon. it was so beautiful i scooped it and put it
in my backpack. we went on errands together and came back with
some grocery. i trimmed it at the bottom and placed it in a
beautiful vase. it is not hanging pretty in the living room,
with its red and rosy stillness, as i eat my delicious baked
hot pink salmon over freshly cooked white rice. petals of love."