had a dream in two parts but same line: first i was on a top floor of a building and fire broke out at the middle. there was no way for anyone to get down. i began to take out the curtains from the windows in order to slow down the fire. as i took them down quickly i was thinking, "wow i might die here and i still have more to do" but i kept on moving and kinda moved on to the place of peace. i felt ok and never did i 'sweat' the whole time. (yes, pun was intended).  then i felt a cool sprinkle on my face and body. it came from the open windows where i just snatched off the curtains. i guess the firemen came to fight the fire and there was fire no more.  i came down nonchalantly with, i think a pie,...no i had a dinner and i believe i had held a drink and a cup with me the whole time during the fire.  i sat down for a dinner with a family of three, mom, dad and a little girl i think. i couldn't eat anything or didn't feel like it. so i stared at the drink but didn't touch it. here, i took the stairs down to the ground floor and walked outside.  the second part starts here.  i was met with a nervous black woman (i say black because i couldn't decipher if she was an african american, mixed, or different ethnicity) who wanted to kidnap me (it's a dream and i somehow knew it). so i tried to get away from her but she and the boyfriend kept pursuing me. i knocked on someone's door and they let me in. when i walked into the house, some kind of party was going on with lot's of people (family, cousins, friends, etc...) and it was like the scene at a wedding reception or something. they were either chinese or filipino and seemed to be happy with their activity and paid no mind about me. i used their phone to try to call the 911 about this 'kidnapping' scheme but could not reach them.  somehow i'm in a park with that woman again who is still trying to 'kidnap' me.  again, the scene would never tell you if i was facing this grave situation of an immanent kidnapping because i was calm and sitting with her next to me, in a calm demeanor.  at this point the dream moved swiftly to another scenario where i had landed on berkeley campus, walking with my suitcase met a supposedly famous singing group and chatted with the leading singer.  i think i woke up soon after that scene.

so what is this mean? i've had an intense dream before where i could interpret what it meant in real life, but this sequence of events point to the state of mind rather than the events themselves.  so here is my reading: i think this shows the mind/spirit response to the immanent qualifying exam date, may 11th.  i am in the process of writing my papers as i mediate between the "oh my god can i do this, do i have the time?" and "i got this and i'm going to enjoy it" though processes.  i have managed it well and i'm not stressed at all. the dream confirm that my concern is there (and i think it's natural to feel that anxiety as long as it does not debilitate you), but my mind is in the right spirit. so the body carries it forward into the passing zone as it was shown by landing on berkeley campus at the end of the "trip" (i.e., dream). here, a "dream" gets reinterpreted as the dream of attaining a Ph.D.!  interpreting from the IbS.