July 1st another beginning of a new and continuing story

July 2, 2012
I sat down in front of my computer this morning as I have done almost everyone morning for the last three years, attempt at writing or editing already written thoughts about my project - black-Okinawa. I did what I usually do, write/edit/think and complete my task.  As soon as I step away from the computer and go jogging or walking, so many ideas tumbled down from everywhere, away from the computer they go 'running' wild on me.  I tried to remember what they were as I stepped back into the sitting position about an hour later. I was able to remember some but I'm sure have lost some.  This happens more than not so I should have something in my hand so that I can capture these ideas swirling/dancing around me...but I'm not sure that is what I want to do - to bring a writing tool (pen and paper) when I'm supposed to be out and about, free from that fixedness of work. I believe ideas come when one is open and relaxed. So it is good that I let the ideas 'run' and dance around me while I have no way to capture them at the moment of free flow.

I await patiently for what remains in the after thoughts.

rain and wind

March 27, 2012
it's raining outside and the wind seems to be happy.  swaying as if to beckon me to come out or cheering me on as i work through my paper helping me to think and recognize how beautiful it is to be doing what i want to do, even with the headache and raspy throat, i feel and know that my body aches for more and no more that it needs/wants/desires.

i can hear you...

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IbS (In between Spaces) interprets the Passing Zone

March 27, 2012
had a dream in two parts but same line: first i was on a top floor of a building and fire broke out at the middle. there was no way for anyone to get down. i began to take out the curtains from the windows in order to slow down the fire. as i took them down quickly i was thinking, "wow i might die here and i still have more to do" but i kept on moving and kinda moved on to the place of peace. i felt ok and never did i 'sweat' the whole time. (yes, pun was intended).  then i felt a cool sprink...
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Language, Memory, History

October 14, 2011
"Language is a living thing" 「言葉は、生きている」A Japanese woman told me this when I was working for Japan Society in New York.  I was working as an assistant to the Director of Japanese Language Center in sometime in 2004/5 and had an opportunity to interact with people who visited the center.  The visitors were from what you may call the upper echelon of society and I probably would not have met these 'honorable' people if I was not working there.  But then again, it is New Yo...
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Fugue in Three: Pause before the move

September 12, 2011

Looking at others as signifier/signified, as determinants.  To acknowledge and recognize the actuality of the landscape and mindscape is the cost. It sustains the relationship and becomes the vehicle/mechanism to feed the mind; distorts perception. The deforming of the land and the disillusion of reality together topples the society into despair with heavy burden and high cost to humanity. Looking outside of self brings the harsh realities, which continually devastates the ve...

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Fugue in Three: そのニ

September 5, 2011
Ignorance creates misshapen forms and distortion of reality. The mind fixated by the distorted reality usurps its own power/right to see, think, act, feel and touch that thing called of life (force).  Society, through the distorted lenses, understands, accepts and takes, with silence, the role of a scapegoat. Looking outside only to find not self but other. (Obsession) (Excerpts from "Question of Okinawa", Ikehara, 2008)
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Fugue in Three: One

August 29, 2011
In order to unveil what is hidden, one must dig, and to dig deep and many times over, for what is dug may most likely lead to yet another layer of “reality.” This process of digging renders a process of uncovering a well-constructed narrative of a mystery novel, as one turns the page, something new emerges that connects to the next chapter, like an inquisitive finger flipping through pages to discover something unexpected. (Excerpts from "Question of Okinawa", Ikehara, 2008) ...
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August 21, 2011
I'm tired but I must jot this down so I can remember what I felt today.

Today is a 99th year birthday of a beautiful, sexy and energetic lady who is my friend/landlord's mother.
I was one of approximately 100 guests of family and friends who celebrated this momentous day of a life that began in 1912. 

Her name is Elsie, a Japanese-American woman who is a delight and precious.  I get to see her because I live in the loft/studio/cottage behind her house, which she lives with her daughter.  I see ...
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Isolation and Petals of Love story

August 15, 2011
Recently, I called out to my friends and asked 
for their assistance in dealing with Isolation.
(Below, I've copied what I sent out).
Immediately after I sent off the email,
I received responses from my friends - some
replied in minutes. One moment I was overwhelmed
by the isolation, the next moment I released it
in the hands of my friend, I found myself overcome
by their love, support and friendship.
Each passing day, I still reflect on their words.
I realized that I built a thick PHD wall a...

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OUTside the U.S. bases or (are they) crazy?

August 9, 2011
Japanese language allows you to combining forms, sounds and even shapes through intra-and inter-languages since it has incorporated Chinese characters, foreign signifying text form, Okinawan dialect, Americanized words/texts and etc...

To give a concrete example, here is a word, outside Military Base, written in Japanese: 


This word can be separated by each Kanji character (Chinese) and can express independent meaning.  It can be combined in several different ways.  

The most ...

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